Torvar Battlehammer

Hunter/Undead/Dwarf/Battle Rager


Race: Dwarf
Height: 4’ 9"
Weight: 200 Lbs
Age: 83
Sex: Male
Class: Battle Rager
Weapon: Dual Hammers
Armor: Chain mail Chest piece

Red shaggy hair, Stubbly beard.Tattoo on right arm Battlehammer crest. Left Hunters mark. Back Hunters creed.


The youngest son of the current King of Mithril Hall, torvar is 8th in line to take control of the hall and that suits him just fine. Unlike many of his kin he has always had a lust for adventure and a lack of intrest in the forge. At a young age he joined the army and earned his salt protecting his home. He loves nothing more than a good fight, so he joined the hunters. His reasoning is two fold. First, he gets out of the hall. Second, he gets to fight the undead always a good fight.

Torvar Battlehammer

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